Men’s Club

Our Men’s Club is a league that plays on Saturday mornings, beginning the last Saturday in March(weather permitting) running through the last Saturday in October, playing various events throughout the summer.  Players sign up on a weekly basis, if you’re not available to play, you don’t sign up for that particular Saturday event.

League Dues for our 2023 Saturday Men’s Club are $125, that includes the tracking of your USGA handicap, and event payouts. Players sign up for the weekly events on an individual basis. Some events are individual, others are either 2, 3, or 4 person team events.  The Oak Summit staff will coordinate all event details.  Either way, players are flighted or teamed up by handicap.

Below you can see our Men’s Club 2023 Schedule of Events, Explanation of Events, and weekly results as the summer progresses.

For more information call us at (507) 252-1808.